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In the project we have foreseen the following intellectual outputs (IO).

IO1: Toolkit GREEN&STEM (duration M01-M12)

The main goal of this intellectual output is the development of the GREEN&STEM toolkit and resources. The toolkit is an easy-to-use and ready digital collection for outdoor science and mathematical activities, with a specific focus on girls and underserved communities. The toolkit is based on visual, peer-to-peer and collaborative learning, and it involves information and communication technologies. 

We divided equally the activities between the partner organizations. Every partner organization will have its outdoor trail to develop and work on, allowing to build of a regional connection and engagement. Although we will develop the walks on the regional level, the beauty of the science and mathematical activities are giving us the opportunity to generalize these activities and make an outdoor walk both in urban green places and green countryside without any county restrictions. 

Each trail has three stops, each with a name, description, target age group of students, goals and objectives. It is planned step by step, carefully, from choosing the route, finding a place to make the activity and preparing the supporting documentation for the involved parties. Each partner organization developed two outdoor trail activities. 

IO2: GREEN&STEM mobile application (duration M07-M15)

We developed a mobile application to support outdoor peer-to-peer and collaborative learning.  The mobile application is based on the toolkit developed in intellectual output 1. For example, as students approach the park playground, various tasks appear on their smartphones, and while they answer the questions, they learn specific STEM topics in natural environment.

IO3: Outdoor STEM educator guide to engage students with STEM (duration M10-M20)

As a result of this intellectual output, we will have a published book containing all the activities from the toolkit in the intellectual output 1. With this book we aim to:

  1. Encourage and support schools, youth centres, museums, universities, NGOs and informal learning spaces to bring together students, families, STEM professionals, their communities and more to engage them with the wonders of STEM.
  2. Celebrate the accomplishments of STEM education and demonstrate how European society benefits from it.
  3. Promote a diverse and inclusive STEM sector. 




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